MIERI Limited is a Bulgarian company, focusing its business in the field of Medical Devices and various products related to Radiation Therapy applications and accessories including:
  • Carbon fiber immobilization devices
  • Thermoplastic masks
  • Consumables for radiation therapy
  • Dosimetry and Quality Assurance equipment
  • Laser Systems for patient alignment
  • Bunker doors
  • Brachytherapy, CT and PET-CT tables
  • Mold room equipment
  • And specific project oriented designs
MIERI Limited is the representative for South-East Europe and Africa of Radon Medical Import Export Ltd., a Turkish manufacturer of Immobilization equipment for Radiation Therapy, and also Standard Imaging for Quality Assurance and Dosimetry Equipment.

MIERI Limited works in close cooperation with large companies in Radiation Therapy such as Varian, Elekta Hitachi and others actors of the healthcare industry.

We have successfully fulfilled more than 30 projects in 15 countries in Europe and Africa which include whole range startup equipment, installation and training.

Our Vision is to provide flexible and adaptive solutions tailored to specific needs, including on site support and training, with our customer’s satisfaction as the ultimate goal.

We also provide consultancy, and project management expertise to potential customers and partners in the medical field.

  • Carbon fiber Immobilization Equipment
  • Thermoplastic Immobilization Masks
  • Vacuum Cushions
  • Markers and Labeling Materials
  • Flat Table Tops for CT Simulators
  • Positioning Lasers Systems
  • Brachytherapy Transfer Systems
  • Mold Room Equipment
  • Consumables and Materials
  • Bunker Doors
  • Dosimetry Equipment
  • Personal Dosimeters
  • Quality Assurance
  • Verification and Diagnostic Imaging Films